How Class IV Laser Therapy Works:
Understanding the Science Behind the Treatment

Class IV laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment using high-powered lasers to penetrate the body's tissues. The therapy delivers a specific wavelength of light energy to the targeted area, which is then absorbed by the cells in the tissue. This energy stimulates the cells to increase their metabolic activity and promotes the body's natural healing process.

The therapy can provide various benefits, such as reducing pain and inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting tissue repair and regeneration. The treatment can be applied to different body areas, including joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and it can be tailored to the patient's needs.

Here are some key factors about how class IV laser therapy works:

Class IV laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions, including sports injuries and chronic pain. If you're interested in further exploring this therapy, speak with a qualified healthcare professional to learn whether class IV laser therapy Delavan might be the right choice.

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